Podcast Consulting

Podcasts have become an increasingly important component of a company or organization’s engagement strategy. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to strategically shape the audio medium to serve the needs of both your company and your audience. As an experienced creative supervisor, host, and audio producer, I have built dozens of shows from the ground up for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Hire me to develop your podcast format, train your hosts, provide technical expertise, and develop your marketing plan.



Building a Podcast from Scratch

Consisting of three sessions, this full-service package will bring your show from the beginning of an idea all the way to a fully realized podcast. Clients will take away a fully fleshed-out format, clarity of show goals and audience, set of tools for production and interviewing, and release schedule, including both production and marketing of the show. These sessions are 2-3 hours each, and can be conducted in person or via phone/video call.

Host How-To

Do you want to develop a framework and set of tangible tools to help bring the best out of your guest, facilitate an engaging and entertaining interview, and strengthen the connection between you and your audience? This package consists of listening sessions and discussions around the skills and craft of hosting a podcast. Clients leave with concrete performance notes, a compilation of best practices, and the theoretical framework detailing how to create humanizing subject-to-subject dialogue that pulls in both guests and listeners.

Podcast Mechanic

Do you already have a show, but feel like the podcast is becoming flat? Is your podcast not reaching your engagement goals and metrics? Bring your show into the podcast mechanic for a reassessment of show goals and audience, list of common bad podcasting habits producers and hosts tend to fall into, and diagnostic of how to get your show back on the road.

See the shows I’ve developed and produced.

Email kisslingerd@gmail.com to find out more about consultation packages and pricing. Consultation is offered on a sliding scale.