At the intersection of artistic creation and political movement, participant documentarians can create space both for folks to fully realize their own stories and for their voices to actually be heard, galvanizing both audience and the subjects themselves to further engage with each other and continue building sustainable social movements. Along with my AirGo cohost Damon, I facilitate a series of workshops at college campuses and conferences across the country about how dialogue-based media can be used to build creative communities and sustain radical social movements. This discussion and workshop explores how, as participant documentarians, we can flatten the hierarchy of narrative and create subject-subject dialogue as an example of and launchpad for reimagining structures of violence and power.


Facilitated a 5-week podcasting workshop seriesfor participants in Young Chicago Authors' Chicago Beat program. The series built a historical context for radically engaging interviewing and production, and then taught the practical skills needed for students to host and produce their own interview-based podcasts.